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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What President Zelaya Has (and has not) Said

A comment by Mark on Greg Weeks' blog, Two Weeks Notice, claims that President Zelaya has made some statement about the November elections: "I think that Zelaya's current position of refusing elections even if he were re-installed speaks volumes".

I cannot find any source for this claim in the real news media, although I have not tried scratching through the lying pro-coup media yet.

Here is what I can find President Zelaya saying about elections, reproduced in many places, but let's use the quote from the pro-coup Radio America website, just over 30 minutes ago:
"Ese es el objeto (del regreso a Honduras), dialogar en forma personal, no sólo con él (Micheletti), sino con los grupos económicos del país (...), con los grupos políticos que tienen interés en participar en las elecciones" de noviembre

This is the point (of returning to Honduras), to have a dialogue in a personal form, not only with him (Micheletti), but with the economic groups of the country (...), with the political groups that have an interest in participating in the elections" of november.
[Reproduced without any changes; the omissions and clarifications are by Radio America]


So who is insinuating that President Zelaya is somehow "refusing elections"? You guessed it: Roberto Micheletti.

From the same article:
Por otra parte, Micheletti dijo a través de un comunicado leído la noche del martes por su canciller Carlos López Contreras "Estoy dispuesto a discutir cómo resolver la crisis política (...) estoy listo para conversar con el señor Zelaya siempre y cuando reconozca explícitamente las elecciones (...) pautadas para el 29 de noviembre"

For his part, Micheletti said via a communique read Tuesday night by his canciller Carlos Lopez Contreras [this is the famous communique we blogged about here earlier] "I am disposed to discuss how to resolve the political crisis (...) I am ready to talk with Sr. Zelaya always and when he explicitly recognizes the elections (...) planned for the 29th of November".
This is a tiresome piece of propaganda that it appears Mark fell for.

Insinuate that Zelaya just wants to be reinstated to suspend the constitution and act as a dictator... oh wait. That's the current regime, sorry.

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