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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tegucigalpa: 5:54 to 8:25 AM

where the crackdown on all media makes Radio Globo the most reliable source:
Radio Globo, again via, is reporting that the
police and military has shot into the Brazilian Embassy.

It apparently has not been invaded.

Sharpshooters are now being placed on top buildings in and around the
Brazilian Embassy.

We hear helicopters.

President Zelaya is calling on the international community to take stronger
measures against the regime and the current repression. He is calling on
Hondurans to continue to mobilize from the regions to Tegucigalpa. That
began last night, but durin
g the evening the military stopped hundreds of
buses moving towards Tegucigalpa from Olancho, from San Pedro Sula, from
Comayagua, from Choluteca.
It is now 6:06AM

Radio Globo journalists inside the Brazilian Embassy is reporting,, that the police and military are posed to invade
the Brazilian Embassy and possibly capture President Zelaya.

It is now 6:34AM

There is now a standoff at the Brazilian Embassy. Hundreds of police and
military are now stationed in front of the Embassy.

Thousands of Hondurans were dispersed by teargas, and gunshots and
repressive charges.

Thousands of Hondurans are gathering in areas now distant from the embassy.

I can no longer listen to Radio Globo via its web broadcast:

I am not sure what this means. Has the police invaded the Brazilian Embassy?

It is now 8:02AM

Radio Globo is now back on via and on regular radio as well.

The standoff at the Brazilian Embassy continues. Foreign correspondents are
being removed from outside this Embassy.

The radio stations and television stations supportive of the coup have
continued to broadcast and reporting only the perspective of the defacto
regime, much as they have since June 28th.

Hondurans now hope that the UN, the OAS, and other governments take major
measures against the regime.

We seem to be on the verge of a civil war, an insurrection or prolonged
periods of repression.

It is now 8:25AM

Radio Globo, via and via regular radio, is reporting that
specially trained, and masked military men are more menacingly threatening
the walls of the Brazilian Embassy, and possibly preparing to capture
President Zelaya, who is accompanied by First Lady Xiomara Zelaya and their

The same military men seem to be forcing themselves into the private homes
contiguous to the Embassy.

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