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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Curious History of PCM-M-016-2009

This controversial decree, PCM-M-016-2009, rescinding constitutional guarantees for Hondurans for 45 days has a curious history first noted by the Spanish paper, El Pais. The decree was passed, according to La Gaceta, on 22 September, just one day after Zelaya came back into the country. However it was not published in La Gaceta until Saturday, September 26. For 4 days it was kept secret. Indeed, by publishing it on a Saturday, few had access to it over the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, a foreign reporter asked Carlos Lopez Contreras about the rumors of its existance, and he replied "I don't have any knowledge, go ask the Minister of Government." Yet his is the third signature on the second page of the decree.

Even after publishing it, the government maintained its secrecy through Sunday afternoon and did nothing until the national and international press began to write about it. Why?

Thanks to Tito for pointing out this excellent article.

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