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Monday, September 28, 2009

Congress asks Micheletti to Rescind Decree

The head of congress, Jose Angel Saavedra, met with Roberto Micheletti and Ramon Velasquez Nassar, vice president of the Congress, Antonio Rivera Callejas, Liberal Party member, and Ricardo Rodriguez, Liberal Party member, to ask that Micheletti rescind the decree issued sunday night.

The Nationalist party has come out and said they will not vote for it when it comes up for approval in Congress.

Radio Globo, broadcasting on the internet from a clandestine studio, reported a few minutes ago that the measure likely will not pass if it comes to a vote in Congress. They cited Jose Azcona as their source.

Update 2:30 PM PDT: La Tribuna reports that the Congressional leadership has met with Micheletti and asked him to rescind the decree suspending parts of the constitution. Antonio Rivera Calleja, a congressman, pointed out that the Executive branch has ways of punishing media that break the law. He said the motiviation for asking Micheletti to rescind the decree was to open a space for dialogue that the country requires.

The vice president of Congress, Ramon Velasquez Nazar, said it would be better if Micheletti rescinded the decree before sending it to Congress for approval.

Jose Angel Saavedra, president of Congress, said that they brought the proposal to the executive branch, and it was up to them to decide if they want to reform or rescind this ordinance.

"We want to foster dialog, we want to send a message to the international and national community that the management of Congress, the heads of the political parties represented in the legislature, we want to contribute to a great dialogue which is what we are hoping for," said Saavedra.

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