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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Business proposes a solution

Tiempo reports Adolfo Facussé, leader of ANDI, an association of businessment, today shared with the AFP details of a plan proposed to end the crisis in Honduras. Facussé told the AFP it calls for Zelaya's restoral, but that he submit himself immediately for trial on the charges filed against him. Micheletti would return to Congress, but not as its president, just a regular congressperson. "We'll give him an important chair (chairmanship of a committee?, "curul vitalica")." To assure enforcement, we'd ask for a multinational force of military or police from Canada, Panama, and Columbia.

The plan also supposes that Zelaya would delegate the command of the armed forces to his council of Ministers as well as the ability to remove members of the cabinet. The Ministers would be named by the various political parties in proportion to the votes they received in the last national elections in 2005, and it would require a vote of 2/3 of the cabinet to remove them.

The proposal also asks the international community to support the November 29 elections and that the OAS and other international observers certify the transparency of the process and the legitimacy of the results.

It asks the US to provide economic assistance "for the damages done to the Honduran economy by the sanctions adoped by Washington", such as the cancelation of visas and the freezing of aid, and asks for a moratorium on the deportation of Hondurans living in the US.

Facussé said the proposal had been presented to Micheletti, the presidential candidates, US Ambassador Hugo Llorens, and the auxilliary biship of Tegucigalpa, Juan Jose Pineda, who is acting as a go-between between Micheletti and Zelaya.


Jeff said...

If I'm not mistaken, the comment about giving Micheletti a curul vitalicia within congress seems to be a guarantee of a position-for-life of some sort. That gives a bit of context to the following remark that it would constitute a novel practice, but it is not prohibited by law.

I have no idea whether or not there is actually anything in Honduran law governing something like this, but I would love to hear from an expert on the matter.

(See the Real Academia Española's entry for 'vitalicio' here:

TITO said...

It literally means "a seat in Congress for life".

Curul means "seat".

leftside said...

I'd like to know what Mr. Facusse knew about the coup and when he knew it. Now he is trying to play a phony lead negotiator role. Zelaya and his supporters are is supposed to trust him? Just give up control over your cabinet.

The request for US money is pretty balsy. I mean it is not even like real sanctions were put on. They are demanding "damages" for a few people not able to travel to Miami for one month this year. Wow.

Unknown said...

This is nothing more than a ridiculous proposal in order to delay real solution to the recent political crisis.
The truth is that the dictatorship (no more a de facto gov since decree PCM-M-016-2009) is not interested nor in need of an accord because it still counts with the support of the right wing in the US.
This "solution" won't solve any problems in my country, in fact it may even turn things for worst because all that has happened since June 28TH is no more than the evidence of much bigger issues concerning justice, socila differences, political commitment and honesty.

PS I really like your blog, I read it everyday

Unknown said...

Besides, what's the idea of restoring president Zelaya to his post if he won't have a word to say in any matter?. Adolfo Facussé is also proposing to give Micheletti a lifetime award.... for what????? for violating democracy principles and human rights!!!

RNS said...


Adolfo Facussé is #4 on the list of coup leaders published by El Libertador under the heading "They will be judged"

The San Jose Accord also has Zelaya giving up control of the military and his cabinet so I don't see those as a major obstacle.