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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Presidential Candidates call for Dialogue

Pepe Lobo, presidential candidate for the Nationalist Party in Honduras, is calling for dialogue, say's El Heraldo's Minuto a Minuto column. "Now that Zelaya is in the country, there's nothing that dialog cannot solve. Both of them need to put aside any intransigence," he said of Micheletti and Zelaya.

UPDATE 1 pm PDT: Lobo has now threatened to withdraw his support of Micheletti if he does not talk with Zelaya. Lobo told Channel 5, Tiempo reports, that if Micheletti isn't willing to be flexible, to talk with Zelaya, to compromise, then his support (for Micheletti) ends here.

In all, 4 of the Presidential candidates, Pepe Lobo, Elvin Santos, Bernard Martínez, and Felecito Avila, the ones who have the most to lose if the world doesn't recognize the results of the November 29 elections, have issued a unified call for dialogue. "We call on Zelaya and Micheletti to talk, and perhaps they'll hug and as candidates we stretch out our hands, so that they will do that for Honduras" they wrote in a statement issued this morning.

The National Congress suspended its session scheduled for today, and will not meet until next week. At that time, José Alfredo Saavedra, de facto President of Congress, says they will take up the statements by Porfirio Lobo Sosa, who said that his party will not continue to support Micheletti if he does not establish a dialogue with Zelaya. Saavedra noted that the San Jose Accord is a sacrifice by both leaders, and a viable solution to this conflict.

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