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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IACHR requests emergency visit

Channel 36, Cholusat Sur, reports that the InterAmerican Human Rights Commission has asked the Supreme Court of Honduras for urgent permission to conduct an emergency visit because of the deteriorating human rights conditions in the country, a result of the curfew and repression of protests. It asked the Supreme Court for permission because they were unable to contact either Manuel Zelaya or his Foreign Minister, Patricia Rodas. The de facto government was not consulted.

El Tiempo has more information. It reports that the IACHR (or CIDH in Spanish) sent a letter to the President of the National Congress and President of the Supreme Court. In it, they noted that "The CIDH has recivied information about acts of violence and the reinstallation of the curfew and the decrease in the observation of human rights in Honduras. Because of this, the CIDH has decided to ask for an urgent visit to Honduras with the objective of verifying the brevity of the observation of human rights."

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