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Monday, September 28, 2009

Lobo Sosa Appears to Break Ranks

Four of the six presidential candidates met with US ambassador Hugo Llorens this morning. The encounter, which happened in the ambassador's residence in Tegucigalpa, included Porfirio Lobo Sosa (Nationalist party), Elvin Santos (Liberal Party), Felicito Avila (Christian Democrat party), and Bernard Martinez (Party of Innovation and Unity). Also present were members of Honduran civil society, and representatives of the OAS. The Honduran press has identified Carlos Flores Facusse, intellectual father of the coup, and Adolfo Facusse, head of ANDI, as present.

Upon exiting from the meeting Pepe Lobo gave a number of statements to the press. "The meeting was about the San Jose Accord and how we need to reach an agreement having recognized that the Arias agreement is not written in stone and that the parties can suggest changes. But the most important is that both sides return to dialogue, because, without a doubt, this is what is happening and the relations with other nations, with the United States and the rest of the international community, it is important for Honduras to return to normal."

"We are trying to influence both don Roberto Micheletti and don "Mel" Zelaya, to begin talks and discard attitudes of inflexibility and to take a level headed and flexible attitude to put themselves into agreement," he added. "We ask them to think about Honduras and think about the damage that will be done to the Honduran people if things aren't returned to normal, not only because it signifies the division in the Honduran family but also because it complicates international relations." "In consequence," he continued, "it is urgent that the Honduran situation return to normal because remember that we, in large part, depend on international aid that comes from various organizations that do extraordinary work in the interior of the country. Because of this understand that to have good international relations is something that in these times we should not ignore."

On being asked about the de facto government deporting the OAS representatives yesterday, he replied, "we are very preoccupied because this is evidence in the international community of a position of little politeness with our friends at an international level and this is very regretable situation for Honduras." "Because of this, I ask the government to reflect and think that to be courteous and likeable with all the international community should be a part of what we've always had and it should not be curtailed."

When asked about the suspension of the constitutional guarantees, he replied "this cannot be, can you tell me that in the 21rst century we would lift the individual guarantees? Really? This cannot be." "I think this is a good time to reflect and not put into execution a decree that, sincerely, will leave Honduras in a bad spot internationally." "This will do us much harm."

Lobo Sosa also indicated he would not join with the other three candidates in organizing a public march in favor of the elections; that he didn't want to be part of actions that would provoke a confrontation.

Congress will discuss the presidential decree later today. Jose Azcona, head of committees of the National Congress said, "There is a general preoccupation for this decree, with its breadth and scope in an election period, with the situation in which the country lives and what we need is dialogue." "What has happened is that this decree, although it is approved in the council of Ministers (of the President), is in reality becoming known by the National Congress and we've been studying the constitution," he added. "We cannot give the government this much power to restrict the citizen's liberties in any circumstance; the public authority is to protect and promote the rights of citizens."

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Anonymous said...

This is kabuki, RNS, to create the illusion that there is someone sane in the Honduran government. If things go down, the death squads will doubtless assassinate Micheletti, who has always had "scapegoat" written all over him. They'll blame the resistance and the US will get behind their new "winner."