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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pepe Lobo Clarifies what Dialogue he meant

You will recall we reported on 9/22 in the bog entry "Presidential Candidates call for dialogue" that first Pepe Lobo, and later, four of the presidential candidates, called on Micheletti to start talks with Manuel Zelaya. Lobo went further and suggested that the Nationalist Party would withdraw its support of the Micheletti government if it did not begin talks. The President of the National Congress then announced that that would be the topic of the congresses general session next tuesday.

Yesterday evening Roberto Micheletti took Pepe Lobo to task for calling for dialogue and predicted he would have problems with his own party. "This threat will bring good to nobody" Micheletti indicated.

Today Porfirio Lobo Sosa "clarified" that he didn't mean dialog with Manuel Zelaya, but rather the dialogue that Micheletti had promised to convene between all the sectors of Honduran society, or so La Tribuna reports. Micheletti had promised to convene such a dialogue, and had appointed a "dialogue czar" who has done nothing since the coup.

The four presidential candidates have a meeting with Micheletti today to discuss the upcoming elections.

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