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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Its a strange day in Honduras. The headline in one paper screams "Michelette denies that the US wants to overthow him" while another titles the article "Micheletti denies US invasion".

Today Roberto Micheletti Bain felt he had to issue a statement that denied that the US was trying to overthrow him. He says that certain media in Honduras are spreading rumors that there is unusual airplane activity at the US part of the Palmerola airbase in Comayagua and that there are "thousands of dead" and "rivers of blood". This listener, who regularly listens to Radio Globo, Cholusat Sur (TV 36 in Tegucigalpa) and Radio Progresso, the main opposition media, has heard no such stories. Apparently these rumors come from pro-coup media.

Micheletti said to assembled reporters, "We have no official information from the air force that airplanes have arrived from the US; the ones that are there are the ones that they use to do their normal things. There is no invasion". "If a country decided to invade us, I'd be the first to know, and I'd tell you", he told reporters He went on to add that the US was a country that respected the law, and even though they've taken economic measures against Honduras, they wouldn't be capable of going to that extreme.

If this was a whisper campaign from the resistance, it seems to have been effective.


Anonymous said...

I can't get the Radio Globo page to even come up. Any idea what's up?


RNS said...

It looks like their domain registration lapsed and they didn't renew it, or its been hijacked by

Doing an nslookup gives the IP of the host as, which shows as a server at GoDaddy, a common, cheap web hosting service, and hitting the webserver at that IP address gives a "site not currently available message".

Fortunately you can still listen to them by feeding your software the following URL:

I'm listening to them right now and there's no indication they're aware of any problem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. The site may be back now. Possibly site maintenance?

RNS said...

Site maintenance would not result it the domain appearing to be "parked" as we call it, with a domain name vending company. DNS hijacking would do it. They're not back for me.

RNS said...

Just a note that they're back this morning. I think they're domain was hijacked. They didn't reply to my email asking about it yesterday.