Responses to the Coup d'etat in Honduras on Sunday June 28, with special emphasis on producing English-language versions of commentaries by Honduran scholars and editorial writers and addressing the confusion encouraged by lack of basic knowledge about Honduras.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The BCIE turns its back

The Central American Bank of Economic Integration (BCIE in Spanish), has voted to suspend funding projects in Honduras, which irritates Honduran banker and coup funder Jorge Bueso. "They're violating their charter by not treating members as states rather than as simple governments", Bueso said to El Heraldo. The decisions of the bank should be based on technical and economic principals, consequently they should not consider any political criteria," Bueso added. Bueso owns the Banco de Occidente among other financial holdings.

The BCIE, meeting in Panama yesterday, voted to suspend supplying funds to Honduras. Nick Rischbieth, President of the BCIE, noted that the subject of Honduras was the only subject on their agenda. He predicted that this was a transitory problem, and with a new government, funds would start flowing in a regular fashion.

The Banco Central of Honduras had ordered (Resolution 377-8/2009, and 378-8/2009) all national banks in Honduras to withdraw their funds deposited with the BCIE, substituting the World Bank as an acceptable repository. The BCIE has not disbursed funds to Honduras since the coupon June 28.

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