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Monday, September 21, 2009

El Heraldo confirming as well...

Well, even the pro-coup media are on board, despite Micheletti continuing to claim Zelaya is NOT in the country, and Romeo Vasquez Velasquez claiming that he cannot be because Aduanas (Customs) didn't tell the army about it.

(Romeo apparently thinks that he shipped himself into the country...)

Update: to be fair, La Jornada says Romeo cited Migracion, not the more amusing Aduanas.

The High Command of the Armed Forces started meeting 20 minutes ago. As many of us have said, they will play a pivotal role.

All three coup media, La Prensa, , and La Tribuna admits Ian Kelley's confirmation of Zelaya's presence.

And Zelaya is reportedly calling the resistance to come join him at the Brazilian embassay.

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