Responses to the Coup d'etat in Honduras on Sunday June 28, with special emphasis on producing English-language versions of commentaries by Honduran scholars and editorial writers and addressing the confusion encouraged by lack of basic knowledge about Honduras.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Non-Talk Talks

El Heraldo reports that Roberto Micheletti says he's ready to talk about a solution to the standoff in Honduras, just not with anyone who's talked with him about it up until now. He specifically singles out Insulza and Arias for having "interferred". He'd like to hand pick a list of possible candidates, possibly someone from the UN, who will come to hear the position of the Hondurans (and aren't there multiple positions being played out, Mr. Micheletti?). In addition to making a list of the possible candidates, he wants to control who they talk to to get the "position" of the Hondurans, and who forms a commission for Honduras. He discards the participation of the Presidential candidates because they have their politics.

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