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Monday, September 21, 2009

Power Cuts Silence Media

Various media have been silenced by having their electrical power cut. Radio Globo reports that Channel 36, Cholusat Sur, has no power and cannot get ENEE, the electric company, to respond to their phone calls. Channel 36 has no backup power. Radio Globo also reports that its power has been cut, but it has backup power for now, and it has put out a call for anyone with a spare generator and fuel to donate to them. In addition, they report that power has been cut to the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

ENEE has been taken over by the military according to the person who answered the phone when Radio Globo called.

In addition the websites of Radio Globo and Radio Progresso have been taken over and shut down by their ISPs so that you cannot access their internet broadcast without having cached the proper url. Here are the instructions for iTunes:

In iTunes, Advanced->Open Audio Stream, and enter the URL of the station you want to listen to:

Radio Globo:
Radio Progresso:

Both stations are currently on the air.


PablitoSinPistola said...

I am listening directly on Radio Globo's own web page, it's working at least for me.

RNS said...

If I try to access that URL, I get redirected to:

which says the account is suspended. I don't get their web page at all.

Nell said...

Al Giordano reports that through calls on RG for generators, and the electrical workers' union providing technicians to hook them up, the power is back on at the Brazilian embassy.

It's likely they're going to put similar effort into doing similar things to make sure that Ch. 36 and Radio Globo stay up.