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Thursday, September 24, 2009

IMF offers $163.3 million to Zelaya government

El Heraldo, a pro coup news source, tells us this morning that the International Monetary Fund has offered the $163.3 million in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) that the de facto government is counting against its foreign reserves to the Zelaya government representatives. Sandra Midence, the de facto government's head of the Central Bank of Honduras is miffed. "Its contradictory that the ex president of the BCH, Edwin Araque, and the ex president of finances, Rebeca Santos, can have the use of these resources."

You will remember that this is the money the BCH made the press release about back on August 29, and that we blogged about numerous times.


Doug Zylstra said...

Not sure if that how squares with this:

from the Tribuna:

"FMI.- El Fondo Monetario Internacional no entregará los fondos a funcionarios de la anterior administración anunció hoy el coordinador del Foro Social de la Deuda Externa, Mauricio Diaz Burdeth"

RAJ said...

Sure, he would deny it. But Sandra Midence, head of the BCH, is the cited source and other sources not in Honduras seem to be confirming.

This is a pattern with the banking news: the de facto regime lies.

RAJ for RNS who is driving