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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Military, COHEP meet in Secret

The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Honduran military, general Romeo Vasquez Velasquez met in secret with the head of the Business Council (COHEP), Amilcar Buines, yesterday. Today's Tiempo reports that the suprsing meeting took place at 9 am. Unofficially the meeting was to discuss the political situation and no comments were given to the press, who saw Buines's car drive in to the military headquarters, and later depart. The spokesperson for the military, Ramiro Archaga did not answer his cell phone or return calls.


Anonymous said...

The web page of Radio Globo says "Tomada Embajada de Brazil En Honduras." No confirmation.


RNS said...

The headline is about the dislodging of the protesters, not a current events comment.

PablitoSinPistola said...

Yes, the Radio Globo website has said that since yesterday.

PablitoSinPistola said...

I could not figure it out either, until I concluded it had to be what RAJ said.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, RNS.

I looked at it and thought the worst. As you know, through the night the coup was invading homes near the embassy and otherwise behaving as if an attack was imminent.

The US could put an end to the harassment by stationing one Marine over there.


RAJ said...

The whole uncertainty about the military is instructive. We are all on edge because there are no guarantees they understand the international context.

Last night we were similarly worried when the El Heraldo minute by minute posted a note at 10:30 to stay "pendiente" for more developments. For about 30 minutes we waited until we realized it was their sign-off for the night.

PablitoSinPistola said...

"I could not figure it out either, until I concluded it had to be what RAJ said."

Sorry - it was what RNS said!!!