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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Banco Central Stamps Its Feet

The Banco Central of Honduras issued a press release on September 25 that everyone appears to have ignored. Basically what it says is that the International Monetary Fund disrespected us when it told us that the Special Drawing Rights belonged to the Zelaya government, not the de facto government.

They resolve, in brief, to declare the funds at risk, hold the IMF responsible for the damages it causes to the Honduran economy, hold personally responsible Edwin Araque and Rebeca Santos, urge the judicial arm of the Banco Central to pursue legal action against the former Zelaya ministers, make it know to the rest of the government, hoping one of them can take court action, ask the Soliciter General to notify the IMF of this resolution, and ask that this resolution be published widely in the press.

I didn't see one article mentioning it. Oops. I guess no one noticed.

UPDATE 2:55 PM PDT: Oops, I missed the article in today's La Tribuna on this which came out this morning.

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