Responses to the Coup d'etat in Honduras on Sunday June 28, with special emphasis on producing English-language versions of commentaries by Honduran scholars and editorial writers and addressing the confusion encouraged by lack of basic knowledge about Honduras.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Curfew in half an hour

And now the real confrontation comes. The de facto regime is moving against the Honduran people, yet again.

Without any of the legal forms necessary (and yes, there IS a procedure), they have again called a curfew across the country, effective 4 PM in Honduras.

This is barely 30 minutes from now.

What happens next? to echo Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle: there will be a scarcity of water (for the water cannons used to break up demonstrations).

Update: President Zelaya has spoken from the embassy, saying he has consulted with the security forces (unclear whether this means police or armed forces) and they have said they will not attack the demonstrators. We will hope.

Radio Globo reports that the crowd needs water. The reporter describes the crowd as including groups such as COPINH, the indigenous peoples NGO.

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