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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"We are not responsible" claims de facto government

The de facto government of Roberto Micheletti Bain apparently believes it has no responsibility for the situation in Honduras.

Its the Brazilian embassy's fault if Zelaya's presence leads to public disorder, violence, material damages, and loss of life wrote the Foreign Minister, Carlos Lopez Contreras, to the embassy in response to Zelaya's presence there.

Earlier, Roberto Micheletti claimed, in a televised national speech, that Zelaya and the Frente would be responsible for the same violence, damages, and loss of life that would result from his presence. This speech came before the demonstrators outside the Brazilian embassy were tear gassed.

Of course, the mobilization of 1500 troops this morning to dislodge the peaceful protesters, had nothing to do with the violence or loss of life. It was the military, not the protesters, that destroyed the cars parked near the Brazilian embassy TV footage shows. But of course, they aren't responsible.

Zelaya said this morning, "I came peacefully, unarmed, as you have seen, and they've received us with shots, I invited them to talks, and they answered with arms, they answered by shooting tear gas at the embassy, hurting them with gun shots."

They got it right. They're irresponsible.

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