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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Deny thy father and refuse thy name": Romeo redux

El Heraldo again:


FF AA. Según el vocero, Romeo Vásquez se encontraba en los predios de la embajada de Brasil en Tegucigalpa, por un acto de rutina y supervisión, y no para encontrarse con el destituido mandatario.

9:30 PM

Armed Forces. According to the spokesperson, Romeo Vásquez is in the property of the embassy of Brazil in Tegucigalpa, for an act of routine and supervision, and not to meet with the displaced leader.

Now that is one dedicated head of the joint chiefs of staff!

And what kind of routine activity does the Honduran Armed Forces carry out on the property of an Embassy?

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PablitoSinPistola said...

Do you suppose he was making sure the plumbing was working correctly?