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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pro de facto government march fizzles?

Reading between the lines the "pro democracy" (your tax dollars at work here) march organized to support the de facto government by the UCD (Union Civica Democratica) may have fizzled. The La Tribuna article mentions the organizers expected 500,000 people to join them from across the country. It then goes on to say that "hundreds" arrived at 10 am for the march.

Radio Globo has fielded numerous calls from workers who were being "ordered" to attend the march as part of their job. Unlike the marches of the resistance, busloads of supporters in white shirts were being allowed past the military checkpoints into Tegucigalpa this morning.

The UCD is an organization funded, in part, by the US State Department. It receives funds designated to groups that promote democracy in Latin America.

More information on this march as it becomes available.

UPDATE 10:42 AM PDT: La Prensa describes the march as consisting of "thousands" and they have posted pictures of the demonstraters outside the UN building in Tegucigalpa here.


John Nada said...

thank you for this blog greetings from germany y venceremos

Anonymous said...

You will want to examine this, with some priority.


David said...

Is UCD financed by IRI? Do you have a link or document to that effect you could share?

RNS said...

David, what I can find suggests that there is no direct link between the Instituto Republicano Internacional (which is what I think you mean by IRI) and the UCD.

The link is between USAID funding of about $49 million per year in Honduras, a large part of which is said to be used to promote democracy. USAID in Honduras funds the groups, Generacion X Cambio and Paz y Democracia, who in turn are the main founding groups for the UCD.