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Monday, September 21, 2009

Micheletti Speaks

Roberto Micheletti Bain gave a speech over the National network, available on Telesur but not yet covered by the Honduran press. In his speech he says that Zelaya's presence changes nothing. He was removed legally. Zelaya's return indicates his acceptance to appear in front of judges to face charges.

Micheletti also noted that Zelaya was here to interfere with the elections. He said of Brazil, that "we've respected them even though they haven't recognized our government. We call on Brazil to turn Zelaya over for trial. The eyes of the world are on Brazil and Honduras."

He continued, that this is an internal problem and should be handled internally by and according to Honduran law.

He closed with "Have faith in your government. We're here to defend you. God bless Honduras. Viva Honduras!"

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Anonymous said...

This was much more than that, RAJ. It was representational art, so to speak.

The regime, including people like Romeo Vasquez and Adolfo Facusse stood with Micheletti as Micheletti explicitly rejected the OAS missive that had just been composed to urge the regime to talk to Zelaya.

--Charles of MercuryRising