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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

General Vasquez Velasquez sees end soon

General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez says the crisis will end soon. "I see that we are rapidly coming to a solution, which is what we all want," he said in a local television interview. He noted that the solution is being promoted by different sectors of Honduran society, and that "it will be achieved when the parties have the disposition to sit down and talk." He also noted that he perceives the will in various sectors that are looking for an exit, that "What we have to do now is begin to create levels of appropriate confidence" to make an accord possible.


Doug Zylstra said...

Saw this, but can't find anything at NYT:

EE.UU.- Fuentes diplomáticas en Washington citadas por el New York Times, señalan que se baraja la posibilidad de proponer una salida que contribuya a la pacificación de la sociedad hondureña y la celebración de elecciones “limpias y creíbles”.

RNS said...

Este, en uno de sus ultimas parrafos?

RNS said...

found it:

The fact that barely six months remained in Mr. Zelaya’s term when he was forcibly removed, as well as the fact that he is limited by the Constitution to a single term, may prove to be an opportunity. Some of the officials scrambling to cobble together a deal have proposed that Mr. Zelaya become president again for a day or even an hour, a symbolic restoration before resigning and ceding power to a caretaker government that would conduct the elections and prepare for a new, untainted leader.

Doug Zylstra said...


For how difficult it looked 2 days ago, I have a pretty good feeling now. First Congress and Pepe Lobo bucking Mich yesterday, then Romeo Vasquez, Adolfo Facusse and even Amolcar Builnes talking seriously about finally resolving this; who knows, maybe by Christmas they'll have a deal.

I do think the Supreme Court will be the last bastion of support for the regime, they have too much invested to give up that soon, as an institution they'll want to preserve their facade as long as possible.