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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Micheletti Needs More Opinions

Decreto PCM-M-016-2009 remains in effect. Roberto Micheletti says he needs to hear more opinions before he decides what to do about this decree that suspends the constitution. In the meantime, it remains in effect. Even though Congress told him they would not vote to approve it should he insist it come to a vote, Micheletti has refused to rescind the decree so far. Congress must approve it for it to become legal.

Micheletti heard from the Election Tribunal yesterday, which urged him to rescind it because it taint's the election. But Micheletti says he wants to wait until he hears from the Supreme Court and the College of Lawyers before he decides what to do.

Even Ramon Custodio, the Human Rights Commissioner/coup apologist called for the rescension or regulation of the decree. He said suspending the constitutional guarantees "is to accept that we are no longer able to maintain public order, peace, and is a tacit acceptance which does not reflect the situation in which we are living."

"The intention is to rescind the decree approved in the Council of Ministers in an opportune moment when we have consensus from all sectors"

And while Daniel Restrepo of the White House called for the restoral of all constitutional guarantees, he failed to say they should be restored immediately.

There are 15 motions before the 5 member Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court seeking to either have the decree declared unconstitutional or illegal. The first two cases were reviewed yesterday, and returned to the lawyers for clarification of some legal points.

In the meantime, the National Police continue to enforce its provisions selectively.

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