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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where Things Stand

At the moment it seems we're involved in theater of the absurd. We have a proposal from the Micheletti camp to wait for reports from the Congress and Supreme Court before taking up the question of restitution, and we have the response from the Zelaya side that that is unacceptable, and that without concrete proposals, negotiations are dead, though they remain open to concrete proposals.

Rumors abound of parties not directly involved in the negotiations showing up at the hotel and being led past security. The rumored guests include Martha Lorena Alvarado (vice chancellor of the de facto administration), Don Miguel Facussé, a major businessman from CEAL, Fernando Sanchez, ex-counsel of the US in Honduras, and assorted mid-level military officers.

The OAS observer said this morning that he will never lose faith in the talks. Vilma Morales of the de facto government's negotiating team says they are sitting in the hotel waiting for the Zelaya negotiators, but no new proposals are on the table.

Update: 11:43 PDT - David Romero of Radio Globo reports that there will be no talks today without a proposal from the Micheletti side. Victor Meza, negotiator for Zelaya says the dialogue is broken ("roto"). El Heraldo, in contrast, reports the sides will meet at 3 pm today.

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