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Friday, October 2, 2009

US Congress Takes a Stand: Open Letter to Honduran Congress

Signed by US Representatives James McGovern, William Delahunt, Janice D. Schakowsky, Sam Farr, Gregory W. Meeks, and Xavier Becerra, this open letter, addressed to José Saavedra, President of the Honduran Congress, draws a clear distinction between the policy of the US Executive branch, and the majority party in the US Congress, and what the authors rightly characterize as the "minority" Republican party, whose members continue to interfere in US foreign policy in ways that should be roundly condemned by anyone who cares about procedure in the US system.

These remarkable congressmembers state firmly and clearly that the coup was unconstitutional; that the current conditions make holding legitimate elections impossible; and that if the Micheletti regime continues to "stall", they will urge that the US not recognize the upcoming Honduran elections.

Finally, a voice of clarity. Will it be heard?

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Anonymous said...

Anent Gabriel and the debate over whether the Congress could legally seize powers reserved to the courts, Oscar Arias just called the Constitution "a monstrosity," the worst Constitution "on the face of the earth."

--Charles of MercuryRising