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Saturday, October 31, 2009


"87 % of the Honduran population is in favor of, and endorses the government of Roberto Micheletti." -- Lizzy Flores, Vice President of Congress and daughter of Carlos Flores Facussé, in a BBC Mundo article on the "secret pact" in Honduras.

Really?! Have you checked your facts lately Lizzy? A CID-Gallup poll conducted between 13 and 19 October, 2009 in Honduras would like to give you a dose of reality. They surveyed 1420 adults over 18 and the results have a margin of error of 2.8%.

Who do you recognize as President?
Micheletti: 36%
Zelaya: 42%
Neither: 18%.

Roberto Micheletti has done what is good for the people of Honduras
All the time: 14%
Most of the time: 22%
Only a few times or never: 59%

Manuel Zelaya has done what is good for the people of Honduras
All the time: 23%
Most of the time: 37%
Only a few times or never: 38%

The CID-Gallup poll also found that Manuel Zelaya was the 4th most popular of a list of 25 individuals presented in the survey. Lizzy's father, Carlos Flores Facussé was first. Roberto Micheletti came out 11th in the same list.

So not only do these results roughly coincide with the results of two previous polls that show support for Micheletti is weak, at best, in Honduras (the COIMER poll in August, and a CID-Gallup poll taken days after the coup both showed Micheletti with low approval levels), and that Manuel Zelaya is more popular and recognized by more people as the legitimate President of Honduras, but they also show that Lizzy is deeply out of touch with the Honduran populace. She needs to take some political lessons from her father, who never would have made such an elementary political mistake.

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