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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Accord on Zelaya Resitution

El Tiempo and Radio Globo are reporting that there is an accord over the restitution of President Manuel Zelaya, but as of yet, there are no details as to what has been agreed to. Victor Meza, negotiator for Zelaya said "We've readed an agreement on a text for point 6 (which implies the return of Zelaya to power)...I cannot speak about the content because a leak might compromise other parts."

The next step is for Zelaya and Micheletti to review the agreed upon text.


Doug Zylstra said...

Rns -

I would caution about point 6; agreement about the language does not mean Zelaya will come back, although it does heavily suggest it.

RNS said...

Yes, I do understand that agreement on Point 6 does not mean Zelaya will be returned to office; but any agreement on this particular point surprises me. We'll have to wait for Zelaya and Micheletti to analyze and agree to, or reject, the whole agreement before we learn the details of the proposed solution on this point.