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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Preliminarily" Unblocked Agreement pending "Formalities": Micheletti commission

Just 4 minutes ago, Telesur reported the following:

The commission of the de facto president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, announced this Wednesday that the terms for unblocking the only point that impedes the accord about the political crisis in the country is "preliminarily" agreed and is only pending "formalities".

If true, this is very good news. So many almost-agreements makes us wonder about the details and how Micheletti might reject the agreement this time...

Update 9:06 PM Tegucigalpa time, Victor Meza, a member of the Zelaya negotiating team, denined to EFE that there had been a preliminary agreement to unblock the talks. His comments were reported in Mexico's El Universal newspaper.

EFE reports that Vilma Morales of the Micheletti negotiating team said they had an agreement to let Congress decide the issue of restitution. "It is defined that we have to go to Congress, but we also have to hear the opinions, the opinion of the Supreme Court. We have to renew the dialogue...we are prepared to sign the agreement," Morales continued in a press statement after talking with Thomas Shannon.

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