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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UN disavows Honduran press reports

Translation from the Spanish version I received from a UN official:



The United Nations wishes to clarify that its position concerning the removal of President José Manuel Zelaya has been clearly articulated by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution (GA/RES 63/301) of the past July 1. The said resolution "condemns the coup d'etat in the Republic of Honduras that has interrupted the democratic and constitutional order and the legitimate exercise of power".

A recent Honduran press report refers to an analysis produced by a consultant, alleging that it represents the opinion of the Department of Political Affairs. This is completely tendentious. The Department of Political Affairs receives in habitual form many reports and analyses of this type carried out by consultants, academics, and other experts. Nonetheless, the position of this Department is strictly delineated by the cited Resolution of the General Assembly.

The Secretary General makes an urgent appeal to all parties in Honduras to avoid distractions in this crucial moment of negotiations and urges them to center their efforts on achieving a consensual accord to put an end to the crisis in Honduras through dialogue.

The Secretary General continues to support the efforts led by the OAS to achieve an accord between the parties.

New York, 14 October 2009

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