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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Resistance Activists Murdered

Mario Contreras, age 50, subdirector of the Instituto Abelardo Fortín, was shot and killed Friday in Tegucigalpa by unknown assailants on a motorcycle,Telesur and Tiempo report. Bertha Oliva, head of the Comité de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos en Honduras said they haven't yet determined whether it was an act of delinquents or a political act. Oliva noted that Contreras had received anonymous death threats. Because he was shot in the face by two assailants on a motorcycle, a common assassination technique in Honduras, the Centro para the Prevención, Tratamiento, y Rehabilitación de las Victimas de la Tortura y sus Familiares concluded that this was not a robbery attempt.

Also killed yesterday under suspicious circumstances was a Lenca leader of the Resistance, Antonio Leiva His lifeless body was found in an hamlet in Santa Barbara after he was kidnapped in Tegucigalpa.


Nell said...

I hadn't seen the news about Antonio Leiva; this is more blood on our government's hands as well as the regime's. What's the source for the report? I only had time for a quick search and couldn't find a primary account.

RNS said...

The Telesur link in the post takes you to the article that includes the news about Leiva. I think it was also in Vos El Soberano.