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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Radio Globo License Revoked

CONATEL, the part of the government that licenses radio and tv stations in Honduras, has just issued a letter to Alejandro Villatoro, owner of Radio Globo, cancelling its use of the radio frequencies assigned to it across the entire country of Honduras. This, of course, violates the Honduran law governing broadcast media, which specifically says the government cannot expropriate, decomission, the buildings or transmitters of a radio station or interrupt broadcasts, without a judicial declaration and trial. In a state of exception, reporters cannot be alienated or persecuted for their opinions.

UPDATE: Today's Tiempo has an article in which the de facto government denies the report that they have cancelled Radio Globo's license.

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Nell said...

Further context: This EFE report on the "friendly" meeting yesterday of Gen. Vasquez and Villatoro; the general waved an invitation into his vehicle like a mob boss. Or a dictator.