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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Visa Revocations

Six de facto government functionaries and business supporters had their US visa privileges revoked today, reports La Tribuna. Radio Globo reported that the US Embassy would take this action last evening. Only one person has been identified so far, Rene Zepeda, Micheletti's press secretary. Sources close to the US Embassy in Honduras suggested that the revocations could be extended to 200 functionaries and business people linked to the regime.

Previous visa revocations brought strong, vocal reactions from the de facto government, especially those whose visas were revoked.

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Nell said...

The Radio Globo report, at least according to, also predicted State would freeze of assets of some coup participants. I was skeptical.

This has to be a demand from us; the people are taking the brunt of the hurt, and have been for months.

Who knew that foreign policy was conducted by negotiations directly between fringe right-wingers in a 40% minority and members of the State Department? It's as if John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama don't exist. In fact, on this issue, they don't; they're happy to disappear.