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Monday, October 19, 2009

PCM-M-016-2009 Rescension Publlished

Today's La Gaceta finally published the rescension of the decree PCM-M-016-2009 that restricted constitutional freedoms. Perhaps not coincidentally, the UN Human Rights commission began a visit that will last until November 7th


Anonymous said...

Yes. Perhaps not coincidentally.

So, how could guarantees be established to prevent the decree from being re-issued on November 8th?

RNS said...

Short of removing the de facto government, there's no way to guarantee that.

The de facto government showed it is willing to flout the constitution by continuing to enforce the decree even after Congress refused to endorse it and asked for its rescencion. The delay in publication was to continue to enforce it, even though Congress's statements were enough to legally make it no longer in effect. The Supreme Court dismissed appeals of the law on the grounds that it had been rescinded. The decree was not legally formed and approved, but Radio Globo and Cholusat Sur are still off the air because of it.