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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unclear on the Concept

Gabriela Nuñez, the de facto government's Finance Minister, has again claimed an IMF grant of $15.1 million in Special Drawing Rights from the IMF as part of the de facto government's International Reserves, despite the fact that the de facto government is not recognized as that representing Honduras by the IMF, and therefore the SDR is not negotiable for them. The grant came as a further result of a promised G-20 $1 trillion in aid to world economies. Nuñez indicated that Honduras could expect a further $13.8 million in Special Drawing Rights later this year. The Banco Central de Honduras immediately applied this amount to its listed International Reserves in an act of fiction. More than $165 million of the amount listed is not negotiable by this government.

This is good news for Honduras, though not for the de facto government.


TITO said...


This news piece came up today:;cat=NoticiasGenerales;id=57676

It claims the UN Department of Political Affairs has put together a report claiming President Zelaya's destitution was CONSTITUTIONAL. Rings any bells? Yes. The faux-journalist of this news piece claims that both reports, UN DoPA and Library of Congress Report ARE SIMILAR ARGUMENTS!

RAJ said...

We are looking into this report, so far published only in Spanish sources. If we get any clarification, we will post on it.

RAJ said...

See our updated blog post translating the UN Secretary General's clarification and disavowal of the attribution of the report to the Department of Political Affairs, and his reiteration of the UN position firmly supporting restoral of the legitimate government.