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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

State Department to Recognize Election? Or Not?

Jim DeMint told The Cable, a publication of Foreign Policy Magazine, that he saw movement in the State Department's position on Honduras and expects them to recognize the November elections. He said that he and Thomas Shannon had nearly reached an agreement for him to withdraw his hold on two State Department appointments.

"We got a lot of agreement in the area of coming to terms with recognizing the upcoming elections there," DeMint said of his meeting with Shannon."That's what I'm waiting for from our government, signals that we're going to recognize those elections and move forward."

But then DeMint shoots down his own claims by saying, "He [Shannon] realized that it is essential that these elections go forward and are recognized," DeMint said of Shannon. "But he did not say they are ready to recognize them."


boz said...

DeMint also says in that interview that the State Dept will change it's position and recognize the elections after Micheletti and Zelaya come to an agreement. Well yes, that's the point. We're all waiting on that agreement, if it happens.

What's clear from his comments is that DeMint really doesn't understand the situation in Honduras. He needs to get out of the way.

RNS said...

Amen, he trusts the golpistas because they have the support of International Republican Institute funded organizations.