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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whose cabinet?

While Ricardo Lagos, returned to Chile, has now reiterated that the international community expects the Honduran Congress to act without delay to restore President Zelaya; and the head of Congress has now said that congress is not delaying (despite appearances); and Edmundo Orellana has published a commentary in Tiempo exposing the lack of legal grounds for proposed consultation with anyone other than the Supreme Court; the de facto regime is taking advantage of the imprecision of the Accord to declare itself the arbiter of the makeup of the "unity" government.

El Heraldo's minute by minute just quoted Micheletti's minister of labor saying the government will be sworn in tomorrow. Meanwhile Arturo Corrales, Micheletti's man on the Verifcation Commission, says Zelaya needs to send the names Micheletti "invited" him to propose.

Reports that Lagos and Hilda Solis had succeeded in getting Micheletti to understand that he needs to step aside also turn out to be premature. His representatives now say he will renounce his claim only if President Zelaya also does so.

Pro Zelaya deputies are moving to convene Congress over the inaction of leadership.

Until someone clarifies who is in charge of forming the interim government, far from contributing to reconciliation the Accord is destabilizing matters more.

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Anonymous said...

Well, this has been amusing. Even El Pais is calling BS on Micheletti's little trampa. I don't see how the international community can let Micheletti's spitting in their face pass.

--Charles of Mercury Rising