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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Polling Places Opened One Hour Longer, Running Out Of Ink

The TSE took to the national radio network to announce that it was OK that voting places were running out of the indelible ink that was to be used to mark a finger of anyone that voted. The indelible ink was supposed to be a check on who had voted, but they admitted it was a redundant check, since they had the primary record in the register of who voted. Therefore they allowed as how polling places that ran out of ink could continue to let people vote.

The TSE also ordered that, in order to accomodate the multitude of voters, in what otherwise has been reported as a light turn out by the non-Honduran press, polling places in Honduras and the United States would remain open an extra hour, until 5 pm in Honduras.

They also repeated the threat to prosecute any public media, print or broadcast, that announces any results before they do.

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