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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Deadlocked For Now

Despite a reunion of the verification commission last evening, no solution was found yesterday to restart the talks between Micheletti and Zelaya over a unity government.

Hugo Llorens, US Ambassador, Jorge Arturo Reina, Arturo Corrales, and two OAS staff people (José Octavio Bordón and Enrique Correa), met in the Marriot hotel but were unable to come up with a way forward. Earlier in the day, Ricardo Lagos, OAS representative to the verification commission, in a CNN interview, blamed Micheletti for not following the Tegucigalpa/San Jose Accord when he unilaterally named a "unity" government headed by himself.

"It appears to us that there was a fault in the compliance when he (Micheletti) on his own sent letters asking to be sent names of persons, and to Mr. Zelaya. This was not the accord and in the Verification Commission we asked Arturo Corrales and Jorge Arturo Reina to begin working on an eventual national cabinet."

Lagos went on in the interview and said that Corrales came back to the Verification commission with a list of 24 names of people of good reputation, but before they could sit down and even begin discussing it, Micheletti announced his unilateral formation of a "unity" government. "What this man has done is ask for the resignation, in quotation marks, of his cabinet and to say he will make a cabinet of national unity, and this is not what the accord says."

Meanwhile Oscar Arias, president of Costa Rica and the mediator of the first conversations between the sides said in an interview that the Micheletti government never had the will to resolve the conflict. "They are looking, by means of delaying tactics, to pass the time until the elections come, risking that the future government will not be recognized by some countries."


Nell said...

Where is Hilda Solis, and what contribution is she making?

The behavior of Michletti is not the only aspect of this SNAFU that insults the intelligence of observers.

RNS said...

Hilda Solis and Ricardo Lagos have each gone back to their respective countries, leaving deputies in charge. The deputies, José Octavio Bordón and Enrique Correa, have not publically shown they can manage the situation in Honduras. They are ineffective.

It is mind-boggling to me that no one publically cautioned Micheletti when he issued the letters to everyone. Did they think he would behave, and if so why?