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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

US: Zelaya Should Be Restored


Ian Kelly, spokesperson for the US State Department reiterated its condemnation of the June 28 coup in Honduras and continued call for the restitution of its president, Manuel Zelaya. "Our opposition to the coup and the destitution has been very clear since the start," Kelly said. Ian Kelly was responding to the letter that Manuel Zelaya sent to Hillary Clinton asking for a clarification of the position of Washington, D.C. on his return to power. He was, in particular, responding to Thomas Shannon's comments which seemed to throw Zelaya to the wolves earlier in the day. "We've made our position on President Zelaya and his restitution clear," said Kelly. "We believe that he should be reinstated in power."


Unknown said...

This is not really all that Ian Kelly said.

"Our focus now is on implementing this process and creating an environment wherein the Hondurans themselves can address the issue of restitution and resolve for themselves this Honduran problem. We are committed to the agreement. We’re committed to its implementation. We’ll continue to assist and support the implementation process, but it’s up to the Hondurans to actually carry through."
He repeated ""it’s up to the Hondurans"" about five times to evade the question of necessity of Zelaya's restitution.
US seems quite happy with the weasel words of the agreement which is another fudged solution. I doubt their sincerity on Zelaya.

RNS said...
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