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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Resistance to boycott elections

With or without the restoral of President Zelaya, reports in a story from EFE.

Quoting Juan Barahona's statement after a reunion of the Frente de Resistencia, the report specifically notes that too little time remains to ensure no fraud occurs.

[Update: see the CEPR Press Release from Thursday in which Berta Oliva, head of COFADEH, declared that elections could not be held with so little time remaining, saying "And now the U.S. government says we can have free elections in less than three weeks... That is a sick joke." Oliva is calling for pushing back elections at least three months, and giving back to President Zelaya's administration the time that has been taken away by the de facto regime.]

Barahona added that the Resistance hopes dissident candidates for congress and UD party candidate Cesar Ham will join them and Carlos Reyes in not participating.

Ham himself, however, is quoted as saying as an established party UD has not made a decision.

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