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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Carlos H. Reyes pulls out

Spanish language sources including Honduras La Prensa are reporting that Carlos Reyes has pulled out of the elections.

Updates as we have more details.

Update 7:00 AM PDT: "The last mask that has fallen is the mask of the United States of America; we cannot continue with this disaster ("papada"), time has run out," said Reyes. "We withdraw from the electoral process because it is of the golpistas, not the people. Monday I will withdraw offically, and from today (Sunday) I am announcing it to the media." Reyes added that what will come of the November 29 elections is a bastard government (gobierno espurio).

Reyes indicated he is not withdrawing from the Frente, from politics, or from the popular fight.

Update 10:45 AM PDT: Its official, Carlos H. Reyes has officially withdrawn from the election by formally notifying the Election Tribunal this morning.

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