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Monday, November 9, 2009

November 17!?

The National Congress says it will wait until November 17, twelve days before the elections, for the reports it has requested. Carlos Lara Wilson, Secretary of the directorate of the Congress, said they would wait, at the longest, until November 17. "We can say its like this, but we cannot put any deadlines on any of these institutions."

The Vice President of Congress, Ramón Velásquez Nazar, repeated that there was no deadline for the reports. He also noted that they needed to have a discussion about how to proceed once they have reports. "Congress, as an institution, has only 3 ways of making a decision, by decree, by motion, or via a law." The reports have nothing to do with the Congress; "Thus, the Congress receives this as information, not as a work document." To discuss the return of Zelaya, "we have to convert it into one of the three forms of action."

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Nell said...

That's some spirit of national reconciliation, there.

Pepe Lobo's strong interest in having the agreement implemented evaporated as soon as it became clear (via Shannon and the failure of anyone else at State to contradict him) that the US would countenance elections without Zelaya reinstated.

But there may have been internal countervailing forces, too: Oscar alludes to threats:

...the interests of the nationalist congresspeople are not necessarily those of Pepe Lobo and could correspond to the increasing pressure exercised by the Armed Forces and the coup-controlled media who threaten to thwart the reelection of the parliamentarians if they reinstate Zelaya.