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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Romeo Cleared

The Supreme Court has just cleared Romeo Vásquez Velásquez of charges that he was trafficking in stolen cars, a case when had remained frozen since 1993. Romeo was cleared, along with the 12 other defendants who had been charged in the case. The Supreme Court unfroze the case and dismissed it for "lack of evidence".


chela said...

I thought he had been convicted and sentenced. How can he now be cleared?
BTW, your link to the story is not working.

RNS said...

Not sure why the link isn't working since if I paste the URL into my browser it works fine.

The case was frozen without the court reaching a final decision in the case. In this case, after 10+ years they reopened it to clear him. Its just the coup cleaning up after itself.

Unknown said...

Hi, can you locate the La Prensa source for this mentioned in the article.

RNS said...

No, but I did try. Perhaps it didn't make it into the electronic edition.