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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

National Unity Government

Roberto Micheletti seems to be taking it upon himself to try and form the government of National Unity. In what seems to me to be a bizarre development, Roberto Micheletti has asked Manuel Zelaya for a list of 10 "constitutionally qualified" citizens to establish the government of National Unity. The request was contained in a note sent by Rafael Pineda Ponce to the Brazilian Embassy. The same message was sent to five of the presidential candidates as titular heads of political parties. In addition, Micheletti is soliciting nominations from the Unión Civica Democratica and the Fondo Nacional de Convergencia. The Frente de Resistencia is not being consulted. Kenia Lima, a spokesperson for Micheletti, said that the letter to Zelaya was a courtesy, since he is not the head of a political party, and the Frente is not a legally constituted entity.

La Tribuna reports that Micheletti believes he will swear in and lead the National Unity Government. Kenia Lima, a spokesperson for Micheletti said "Micheletti will name, and lead, the government". Vilma Morales said "Micheletti will continue as president of the National Unity Government until point 5 of the accord is decided."

Zelaya called Micheletti's proposal offensive. He noted that it was up to the verification commission to oversee the formation of a national unity government.

Rumor is Micheletti intends to argue for the continuance of the "fashion is culture too", golpista Minister of Culture, Myrna Castro.

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