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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Protesters: State Department Not Interested

Assistant Secretary Phillip Crowley made it abundantly clear in today's daily press briefing that no one in the State Department wants to hear from, or cares about, the protesters out front today protesting US policy on Honduras. Only the press took them seriously. Here's part of a transcript of the exchange between reporters and Crowley from today's daily press briefing found here:

QUESTION: And I’m sure you’re aware of the protesters out front who are saying that this is a sham election.

MR. CROWLEY: Yes, I heard them myself. (Laughs.)

QUESTION: Has anyone from the State Department met with the representatives of the protestors or taken a letter from them, or what is your --

MR. CROWLEY: Not to my knowledge.

QUESTION: Or any response to the protestors saying it’s a sham election?

MR. CROWLEY: Well, first of all, on that point, we have been earnestly pushing to get a resolution of this issue so that you could have, in fact, a free and fair election on November 29 that both the United States, Honduras, the region could stand behind, support, and lead to the installation of a new government that the people of Honduras can support and can heal this divide that has --

QUESTION: Why is --

MR. CROWLEY: -- that Honduras has suffered through over several months. We understand that this is a very emotional issue and – which is why we’ve been so integrally involved; not only Craig Kelly, but Tom Shannon, others, our support for the OAS process going back a number of months, because we recognize that the only path out of this is through an electoral process that – where we’re – the people of Honduras get to speak and you have a new government that can go about the work of serving the needs of its people.

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