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Friday, August 14, 2009

Unified Messaging

An unconfirmed report on Radio Globo just now indicates that the pro-coup media were assembled and informed of the unified messaging that was to be communicated during the visit of the Interamerican Human Rights Commission next week, and when the OAS Commission arrives after them. The main points:

(1) There is no crisis, just a political situation
(2) There is no polarization; there are only disagreements.
(3) When they are asked why José Miguel Insulza will not be allowed to visit with the rest of the OAS commission, they should say that its because there is an assassination plot against him by Venezuelans in the country.

Did I mention that yesterday, even as his San Jose negotiating committee was meeting with Insulza in Washington, D.C., Micheletti was a again stating that Insulza would not be allowed to visit as an official part of the OAS commission, but "only if he wants to visit as a tourist".

1 comment:

TITO said...

This "unified messeging" is just a warning sign that thing are gonna get hotter all over the country.

The more the golpistas try to hide us there more we´ll shine!