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Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Get to Know the 10 Families that Financed the Coup in Honduras!"

So reads the headline in El Libertador today; here is my rapid translation of the main text; you have got to go to the original, it lists point by point all the companies:

The major expert on military themes in Honduras, the investigator of the UNAH, Letiticia Salomón, uncovered the ins and outs of the coup d'Etat. And she explained as a detail without importance for a busy audience present at a roundtable: "It was planned by a business group lead by Carlos Flores Facussé, ex-president of Honduras (1998-2002) and owner of the newspaper La Tribuna, which together with La Prensa, El Heraldo, TV channels 2, 3, 5 and 9 were the fundamental pillar of the coup". The rest of the families that supported the coup against Zelaya and that control 90% of the wealth that the country produces are: José Rafael Ferrari; Juan Canahuati; the financier Camilo Atala, the lumberer José Lamas, the energy entrepreneur Fredy Nasser, Jacobo Kattán, the sugar industrialist Guillermo Lippman and the builder Rafael Flores.

A fundamental person in this conspiracy was the magnate Miguel Facussé, decorated by the Colombian Senate in 2004 with the Orden Mérito a la Democracia, and who today monopolizes the business of palm oil and in 1992 supported the purchase of land from campesinos at less than 10% of its actual value.

Telethon Funds Used for the Coup

Knowing the participation of these people in the coup d'Etat against Zelaya, among others, Jorge Canahuati Larach, José Rafael Ferrari and Carlos Flores Facussé, the reason that the Supreme Tribunal of Accounts has never carried out an audit of the public funds that are collected each year by the Telethon can be deduced; money that many people have given in good faith, but that Ferrari and Canahuati have used to destroy the weak State of Law that Honduras had.

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