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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Or maybe Micheletti will let Insulza watch...

La Prensa of Honduras, one of the pro-coup papers, now reports that Insulza can tag along as an "observer" on a rescheduled OAS visit.

Not specified is if he has to provide his own gag or if one will be provided for him.

This would be funny if it were not so clownish. Micheletti and his gang, inspired by the dreadful Lugar letter, appear to think the OAS mission will clear up all the confusion-- and also that everyone else is not aware of their repeated stalling techniques.

They appear to think they are strategic geniuses. It is clear policy for them to attempt to suppress public information; but I would have thought they would make an exception for themselves.

The troubling thing in the La Prensa article is that the publisher set in bold face the phrase saying that Micheletti objected to the exclusion of member states who they claim "have an attitude of openness to reconsider our case".

This is delusional but it is the heart of the problem. The regime believes they can win reconsideration.

Also new in this article: the regime's "ideal" committee would be Brazil, Germany, and-- England!

Are we talking about the OAS or soccer?


RNS said...

The OAS has yet to decide if they are going to Honduras, and under what conditions. They are currently scheduled to debate the issue Tuesday, and José Miguel Insulza, General Secretary of the OAS, has scheduled a press conference for 5 pm E.S.T. today.

The Dominican Republic's representative on the mission, Carlos Morales, has weighed in on Sunday's events.

“Don’t expect me in Honduras if the coup participants don’t accept Insulza as a mediator. Why travel. We’re going to make them respect us. If he doesn’t go as General Secretary, not as an observer, then don’t count on my presence there,”

RNS said...

Insulza's 5 pm press conference was cancelled. Instead, the OAS will meet in closed session tomorrow at 10 AM.

In a press release, the Chairman of the Permanent Council of the OAS, Pedro Oyarce, regretted that the visit to Honduras would not take place as scheduled. He rejected the language of some of the representatives of the de facto Government towards José Miguel Insulza , and stressed the validity and relevance of OAS resolution 2 of the 37th General Assembly which calls on the Secretary General (Insulza) to seek restoration of democracy, the rule of law, and the restitution of Zelaya.

Nell said...

Thanks to both of you, rns and RAJ, for your steadiness.

Have you seen this news, that the Supreme Court is going to rule on the military's actions on June 28? Your blog was one of the only sources covering that suit when it was filed. Taken in combination with Adolfo Facusse's mention of "judging the military", it could be the beginning of a move to the exit for Vasquez... or not.

RAJ said...

Yes, we saw the Bloomberg article and actually have dispatches from Honduras about the legal action that was filed which the Supreme Court has accepted as a case.

We will be commenting on it as we continue our coverage of constitutional issues today and through the next week, after the break to address the OAS debacle, where truly, the mystery is why send such high level people on such a clear fools' errand?

But in short, I do think there is a possibility the military is about to take it on the chin. But the Supreme Court could also simply rule lack of standing by the petitioner, or otherwise administrate it out of existence.

RNS said...

José Miguel Insulza issued a statement after an emergency closed session of the OAS this morning. In it he indicated that the OAS would send a mission to Honduras, but that it would wait to go until after the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights concludes its visit to Honduras, which begins next Monday. Insulza also said that the OAS, not the Micheletti government, would determine the composition of the group. He reiterated the OAS call for the return of constitutional order to Honduras. He also said without it, the internaltional community would not recognize the results of any elections in Honduras.

"There are people who believe that they can wait, and all will return to normal."

RAJ and I discussed this and hope it means that the OAS will use the Commission's report to help set the agenda for the meetings.