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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More US Visa Cancellations

Tiempo reported today that the United States notified three more golpistas that their US visas had been cancelled. Those notified in a letter dated January 15 included Luis Ortez Williams, the de facto Minister of Youth, Myrna Castro, the de facto Minister of Culture, Art, and Sports, and José Rosario Bonano, the de facto Secretary of Public Works, Transport, and Housing.
La Prensa reported on 5 visa cancellations, adding Gabriela Nuñez, de facto Finance Minister, and Micheletti's Chief of Staff. After noting the US government had been encouraged by the work of the Guaymuras dialog that led to the signing of the Tegucigalpa - San Jose Accord, the letter reportedly notes:

"None the less, the Department of State regrets that the de facto government does not wish to involve itself in the process of reconciliation, and so take concrete measures that Honduras can return to the international community."

Myrna Castro said of the cancellation, "if its because of complying with the constitution, I feel honored that they cancelled my visa because it is unprecedented that after having had the internal elections and being just a few days [of turning over power] we have this type of pressure from the international community." Nonetheless, it sickened her that "they continue these foolish pressures." I guess she won't be attending Fashion week in New York this year.


Justin Delacour said...

So here we are, five days before the coup government turns over power, and NOW the State Department cancels a few more visas? That's insulting.

I just hope that some genuine progressive challenges Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012 because this kinda crap is just a blatant slap in the face to every peace and justice activist that voted for the man.

Of course, elections aren't even where we should be concentrating our energy, but this Administration has truly betrayed its progressive base.

chela said...

Justin, thank you for verbalizing exactly the way I feel.